We proudly serve the Greensboro area

Mobile phone repairs have often taken days to make a repair, along with poor product knowledge, lacking the correct tools and skills producing low quality work. Our express tech repairs have revolutionised the industry with most repairs taking less than an hour. We can deliver a high standard of customer service and quality of work in the time it takes you to do you’re shopping! At Genio Tech you can get your latest devices repaired by our certified technicians to the highest quality with a fast turnaround.

Genio Tech have been trading in Scotland UK since 2009 and we have been thriving on our high customer satisfaction and product knowledge. Building on this success we have launched our 1st Repair store in the United States in Greensboro,NC. Our certified technicians have excellent product knowledge, providing a secure trustworthy service.

We have expert knowledge in all types of electronics.

Thank you for considering Genio Tech for all of your device needs!